National Information Exchange Model

Countering Insider Threats with Standards-based Data Architecture

The Office of the Program Manager for the Information Sharing Environment (PM-ISE) is partnering with the Defense Security Service (DSS) to improve information sharing capabilities by developing a data dictionary and standardized data architecture for DSS information technology (IT) systems. DSS strengthens national security at home and abroad through security oversight and education operations. DSS oversees the protection of U.S.

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NIEM Version 3.2 is Now Available

NIEM version 3.2  and its associated products are now available for download and use.  Products include NIEM XML schemas (XSD), a spreadsheet (MS Excel) of all data components in the model, and alternate database formats (MS Excel, MS MDB, and CSV).

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SEARCH Offers Resource for Developing Common Charge Tables

As system interoperability grows, it is important for justice stakeholders to share charge information in order to improve the overall accuracy of the respective data systems involved in the justice process.

However, the justice community has developed multiple ways to represent and describe offenses in their data systems—in fact, such terms as “offenses,” “crimes,” and “charges” are often used interchangeably. These differences underscore the need to align charge data between data systems.

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Accelerating Adoption of Advanced Police Incident Reporting

City and county law enforcement executives have often found the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) summary process cumbersome with regard to developing strategies for responding to specific categories of crime and in making comparisons with other jurisdictions.

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Fusion Center Best Practices Include Information Sharing and Access Standards

As the capabilities of the National Network of Fusion Centers have expanded to accomplish our mission of enhancing public safety and preventing crime and terrorism, we have found that at the heart of this mission is the effective, efficient, ethical, lawful, and professional sharing of intelligence and information.

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NIEM 3.2 EM Domain Schema Available

The NIEM EM Domain has uploaded the submitted version of the NIEM 3.2 EM Domain schema to the EM Collaboration Zone. This package contains revisions from the recent GTRI review and modifications associated with the formal release of NIEM 3.2. As always, we want to thank those members of the community that took the time to participate, review associated materials and provide comments. 

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Cybersecurity Top Concern for State CIOs

It should come as no surprise that cybersecurity is the top concern for state IT executives.

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Year in Review and Future Activities - NIEM Emergency Management Domain

2015 was a productive year for both NIEM and the EM domain. As NIEM (the program) focused on developing and refining new utilities and processes to support all domains and adopters, the EM domain matured both in terms of community/member solidity and overall program contribution. 

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DoD Memo Aims to Goose Data and IT Services Sharing through XML, APIs

In an effort to encourage the sharing of data, information and information technology services across the Defense Department, DoD Chief Information Officer Terry Halvorsen issued a memo directing military departments, defense agencies and others to adopt standardized, machine-readable information exchange practices.

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Privacy: The Weak Link for Video Security/NIEM and FedRAMP's Role in Safeguarding Privacy

Video surveillance and the rise of body-worn cameras have drawn attention to the many ways government creates records about its citizens. This growing volume of data – and concerns regarding its storage and use – has not gone unnoticed by law enforcement agencies and officials at the highest levels of the government.

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