If we could answer that, the world would be a much greater information sharing and safeguarding environment! It’s never easy, and there are always competing priorities and tightening budgets throwing wrenches into the works.

Play 4 talks about structuring the support needed for IS&S Environment development. Here are a few thoughts that might also help:

  • Build a solid case that shows the impact of the IS&S Environment, specifically how cost savings can be realized or how a societal problems can be combatted.
  • Align your mission to current funder priorities. For example, if there is something at the top of everyone’s mind at the state level, and you are competing for state funds, you have to show how your mission aligns to that top issue they are all thinking about to have the best chance at success.
  • Consider combining grants in various programs to fund system integration.
  • Multi-agency and regional information sharing objectives receive more interest and, by their nature, provide more agencies from which you can request support. Could you broaden your project scope to take advantage of this?
  • Adopting national standards and considering innovative technology solutions can both increase your funding probability.
  • When you are building your team and your stakeholder group, identify a leader who will sell the concept to funding bodies. There are certain types of personalities that will make great champions for your project. Do you have that person on your team?
  • Is a fee-for-service model a consideration for your project?

Got any additional helpful ideas for funding? Email us at info@standardscoordination.org