The simple answer is no. The first 13 plays do follow along in the general order of occurrences, but Plays 14 through 16 are pervasive across the entire effort.

The Playbook is intended to allow users at any point in a process to pick up the document, identify where they are in the process, and then move forward. However, there are two very important things to consider:

  • If you are starting at a point past Play 1, the Plays that are before your point of entry still may have some relevance to your development effort. Don’t just skip over them completely. Read them and see if there is anything you can use to improve your process.
  • The Playbook is iterative. You may complete a play and then have to go back to it as you learn more later in your development effort. You may have a phased development approach that brings you back to a certain point in the Plays as you cross each phase milestone.