Welcome to the Standards Coordinating Council website!

Information sharing and safeguarding is enabling organizations to do amazing and effective work in a variety of disciplines, including criminal justice, public safety, homeland security, public health, and transportation, just to name a few. These information sharing and safeguarding projects are supported by standards – these standards ensure that all the parties working towards information sharing are doing so in the same way, using the same terminology, and working towards the same goals.

Information sharing standards are numerous. They are generated by multiple different types of organizations for a variety of audiences. These broad and far-reaching efforts require oversight and coordination, which is the purpose of the Standards Coordinating Council.

The Standards Coordinating Council (SCC) is an advisory group composed of industry consortium and standards development organizations that provides advice and counsel on matters related to information sharing standards and other issues related to responsible information sharing. This site has been created to educate readers about the SCC and also provide resources about information sharing standards, guidance on common terminology, and information about current and planned information sharing and safeguarding initiatives.